Thank you for considering Let’Er Buck Car Wash in helping you raise funds for your organization!

Thank you for considering Let’Er Buck Car Wash for helping you raise funds for your organization. We love helping our community as much as we can. We rarely give monetary donations, as we have causes that we have budgeted for already. However, we would love to partner with you to raise the funds you need. Here are the options we offer to assist:

Raise some extra dollars by picking up free wash cards! If your organization is doing a raffle or silent auction, Let’Er Buck Car Wash will donate ten free wash cards to the organization. Please inform us at least a week beforehand so we’re able to print off a number of cards for you featuring your organization’s logo.

A good way to raise money is through vacuum donations. Groups (e.g. boy scouts, girl scouts, RENEW, etc.) with permission, may set up a date and time to come and vacuum customer’s vehicles for a donation towards their organization. If you’d like to have a table set up as a station for a bake sale alongside vacuuming, space will be provided. This type of fundraiser can be incredibly profitable! Most groups earn around $300, while some have raised over $1500 in one day!

With this option, we sell you sets of two washes for the price of one. When sold, you keep the profits of the sale by selling the washes as a pair. We have had some high school groups raise over $3,500!

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